Monday, November 24, 2008

Utah Groups denounce Violence

Equality Utah understands the pain and frustration of many citizens in California, Utah and around the country regarding the passage of California Proposition 8. We see much of this frustration being expressed toward the LDS Church. We must engage in civil and peaceful expressions and conduct. There is no room for violence, vandalism or intimidation -- Equality Utah objects to these acts.
Official Press Release dated 14 November 2008

The Utah Pride Center is deeply troubled by the recent vandalism of LDS churches and the suspicious mailing to the LDS Temple. These actions are deplorable and make our entire community fear for our safety. The Utah Pride Center hopes that authorities are able to quickly find those responsible for this deplorable behavior.

Official Press Release here

YES on California Prop 8

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Elton John on Prop 8

We're not married. Let's get that right. We have a civil partnership. What is wrong with Proposition 8 is that they went for marriage. Marriage is going to put a lot of people off, the word marriage.

I don't want to be married. I'm very happy with a civil partnership. If gay people want to get married, or get together, they should have a civil partnership. The word "marriage," I think, puts a lot of people off.

You get the same equal rights that we do when we have a civil partnership. Heterosexual people get married. We can have civil partnerships.
Elton John quoted in USA Today on 12 November 2008.

Yes on California Prop 8

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Gay Man Supports Prop 8

The following comment was posted on a blog on November 7, 2008. He identifies himself as John. This is probably John Smith who also posted a similarly fervent letter found at these links:

Letter posted at
Letter posted at

I hope he is not offended that I am reposting his comments here in their entirety:

As an openly gay man, and I am deeply offended by the actions of the protesters with respects to prop 8. This is NOT MY COMMUNITY! My community is better than this.

I spent nearly 25 years working for the Los Angeles Police Department (I am now retired) and I have a lot of respect for the City and people who call it home. I will never support activity like this.

Since June 21st 1991, I was openly gay with The LAPD- so I know a bit about "hate" and discrimination! I was on the "skirmish lines" during the AB101 protests back in the 1990's as a GAY officer- I had rocks and bottles thrown at me by my own d*** community members- It was offensive then and it is offensive now.

When I see the photos in the LA times I see men and women who I know standing out on the skirmish lines with riot gear on- how shameful the protesters are!

Prior to this year’s election, I personally saw young men (who did not live in my community) out in the darkness ripping down "Yes on 8" signs out near my LA County. They ran to a waiting car which was displaying the "rainbow flag." I shook my head in shame!

This is not who I am or what I stand for. Those involved should be ashamed of themselves and our community really needs to step back and take a hard look at themselves.

In the weeks leading up to the vote on Nov 4th, I and other voters frequently saw stories about Militant GLBT'S from the "No" campaign using violence to get out their message out. For Example, in Modesto, CA. a man was beaten and sent to the E/R- his crime? Posting "yes on 8" signs! In Fullerton, 5 gay men were arrested for the theft of "Yes on 8" signs after leaving a gay bar rally for "NO on 8". Acts of vandalism, and hate were by far more common with the "No" side (and sadly GLBT's) than the yes side. Now add to the mix that I know our community (GLBT) condones "goading tactics" when it comes to religion- I will not be a part of that!

I could care less about the actions of the YES side- they are not my community and I expect and require that my community act in a lawful, ethical manner-otherwise count me out!!!

Now I see images of a gay man jumping up and down on a LAPD patrol car in Hollywood while officers grapple with one on the asphalt. Now we have angry protesters blocking traffic and making threats towards a church- a house of worship. I am not Mormon- but I find the assault of ANY church deeply troubling and offensive- no matter what the name of it is! To say I was angry with the protesters was an understatement!

YESTERDAY! A GAY MAN from Palmdale, CA on MYSPACE said, "where is the [expletive] Mormon Church lets burn it down!" I took his remarks and sent them right to MYSPACE as TOS violations and then sent them to the proper law enforcement officials- THIS IS WRONG! The conduct of the GLBT community has crossed serious lines with this-there can be no excuse for this type of conduct.

I, AS A GAY MAN, WILL NEVER-EVER SUPPORT ACTIONS LIKE THIS! I will never knowingly associate with people who support actions like this- this is a basic violation of the things I hold dear in my life! Gay community or not means nothing- you cannot justify this type of conduct-NO WAY!

The Mormon Church is an easy target for those mindless protesters- the history of this church makes this clear. As I said, I am not a Mormon- but I respect the site as a church and respect it because of the values this nation was built upon.

Lori Jean, The director of the Los Angeles Gay and lesbian Center made remarks out in front of the Mormon Temple yesterday which could only be viewed as attempting to start a RIOT! I called her at the gay Community Center yesterday voiced my disgust for her actions as a community leader and the fact she claims to speak for the gay community. Lori Jean, The “director” of the gay Community Center in Los Angeles was a real part of the problem in trying to sell voters on Prop 8- she brings with her and “in your face” militant agendas when it comes to GLBT issues- “in your face tactics never work. Lori and her cronies at the Los Angeles Center clearly condone and advocate the use of “terror tactics” by radical members of our community to scar people and force agendas upon people- this is clear by the conduct of many in our community since the passage of prop 8.

If you are heterosexual and believe in God and then vote your beliefs- Lori and her cronies label you a “bigot” and “hate mongers” just to name a few. Support your beliefs and stand up for your values- Expect that Lori jean and get gay Gestapo’s will use cyber terrorism to post your information all over the internet! If you are gay and criticize her and the “movement” you are labeled a “self loathing gay man” (or a woman) which is OK with me- those protesters need me much more than I need them! I am happy with whatever label they choose to place upon me! I am sick of this whole thing-It’s time to move on.

The voters have spoken Lori Jean- from one gay man to a lesbian women-GET A LIFE AND MOVE ON! Let it alone! By keeping at this you run the risk of a nationwide back lash. Yes, all those protesters who showed up at LA’s CNN and were beamed all over the USA- yea that will cause people to support us! What a bunch of fools!

If you are going to label those who voted "yes on 8" as "bigots" then please feel free to add my name to that list because I voted YES on prop 8-A GAY MAN! Just because I am gay does not mean I will march in "lock step" with the rest of the GLBT community-there will be no "free pass" in my views for GLBT's who act in this way. I will never support the actions or a community who acts like this.

The best way we can think of in getting out our message is DIRECTLY IMPACT RESPONSIBLE GAY OWNED BUSINESS in this tuff economy and have them communicate to people like Lori Jean and the others that their actions do more harm than good. So, my partner and I have opted to BOYCOTT ALL GAY OWNED AND OPERATED businesses (bars-etc) anywhere in California until further notice. We have no intention of spending money in places which will only turn around and hand it to the militants who want to trample over other rights of others-no way no how! The GLBT community needs to understand that if they want the support of RESPONSIBLE gay men; like us-then they should act like a CIVILIZED ADULTS-not spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum.

To all the Str8 and ‘civilized’ people and readers of Los Angeles, this is one gay man who wishes to apologize for the actions of the GLBT community. Sadly, the actions of a few jerks in the GLBT community have not cast a stain on the whole community- we are not all like this nor do we support the actions of those who violate the law or act out in this way. I can only hope that news outlets like the Los Angeles times will seek out those of us who DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ACTIVITY AND LET US TELL OUR STORY! We have a right to have our feelings known also.

YES on California Prop 8

Friday, November 7, 2008

Church Statement on Prop 8 Protests

It is disturbing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is being singled out for speaking up as part of its democratic right in a free election.

Members of the Church in California and millions of others from every faith, ethnicity and political affiliation who voted for Proposition 8 exercised the most sacrosanct and individual rights in the United States — that of free expression and voting.

While those who disagree with our position on Proposition 8 have the right to make their feelings known, it is wrong to target the Church and its sacred places of worship for being part of the democratic process.

Once again, we call on those involved in the debate over same-sex marriage to act in a spirit of mutual respect and civility towards each other. No one on either side of the question should be vilified, harassed or subject to erroneous information.

Official statment of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints dated 7 November 2008.

Link to official statement here

YES on California Prop 8

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Church Responds to Same-Sex Marriage Votes

Allegations of bigotry or persecution made against the Church were and are simply wrong. The Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage neither constitutes nor condones any kind of hostility toward gays and lesbians. Even more, the Church does not object to rights for same-sex couples regarding hospitalization and medical care, fair housing and employment rights, or probate rights, so long as these do not infringe on the integrity of the traditional family or the constitutional rights of churches.

Some, however, have mistakenly asserted that churches should not ever be involved in politics when moral issues are involved. In fact, churches and religious organizations are well within their constitutional rights to speak out and be engaged in the many moral and ethical problems facing society. While the Church does not endorse candidates or platforms, it does reserve the right to speak out on important issues.

From an official news release of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints dated 5 November 2008.

Full text here

YES on California Prop 8

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Meaning of a Word

"Homosexuality” is now used to suggest that numerous urges and actions that deviate from these norms hold equivalent status as an element of human nature, but the peculiar use of a natural organ or faculty does not change its nature. A man can walk around on his hands, but that does not turn hands into feet; and society ought not to be obliged to redesign sidewalks and staircases to accommodate compulsive “handwalkers” (manambulants?), even if they are born with the inclination.

No really existing class of persons of a specific, distinct nature corresponds to the word “homosexual” in the way that men and women are distinct, complementary kinds of human being. A claim for specific “homosexual rights” is, therefore, frivolous, and the word is merely an ideological construct aimed at undermining the sexual norms inscribed in human nature.

R. V. Young, Professor of English at North Carolina State University. He and his wife, who are parishioners at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Raleigh, have five grown children and eight grandchildren.

Full article here

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Parenting Issue

The research literature on childrearing by homosexual parents is limited. The environment in which children are reared is absolutely critical to their development. Given the current body of research, the American College of Pediatricians believes it is inappropriate, potentially hazardous to children, and dangerously irresponsible to change the age-old prohibition on homosexual parenting, whether by adoption, foster care, or by reproductive manipulation. This position is rooted in the best available science.

American College of Pediatricians, January 22, 2004

Full article here

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