Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Civil Response to Elder Packer's Sermon

Joseph Meyere published a thoughtful and civil response to Elder Packer's sermon at The Globe online:

I am a Latter-Day Saint, or Mormon. I also struggle with same sex attraction, also known as homosexuality.
That all being said I personally loved Packer's talk. I didn't find any of the hatred or intolerance that others found in it. In fact, it was far from it.

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This is why I voted YES on prop 8

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Abusing Elder Packer's Words

The LGBT activitists continue to abuse Elder Boyd K. Packer's recent conference remarks to further their cause. An editorial at Deseret News discusses Elder Packer's sermon in its true context. There are references to past remarks on the same subject from Elder Packer and other general authorities of the Church that bring to light the actual stance of the Church on the matter. The opposition's intentions though are summed up in the following quote:

Nonetheless, tactics used this week ostensibly to accomplish these purposes were counterproductive. Instead of seeking genuine common ground around issues of mutual concern, activists began this week with a grossly misguided caricature of the LDS Church's support of traditional morality.

The tactic is now all-too familiar: take a statement out of context, embellish it with selective interpretation, presume hostile intent, and then use the distortion to isolate an entire group, in this case a church.

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This is why I voted YES on Prop 8

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Response to Criticism of Elder Packer's Conference Remarks

Many have criticized Elder Boyd K. Packer's comments about homosexuality that he presented during the General Conference of the Church this past Sunday morning. I found a reply one reader posted on Religion Dispatches that well expresses my own sentiments about what he said.

Doctrine, not opinion
Posted by bellarossa07 on October 4, 2010 at 5:22 PM
Elder Packer was not just voicing conservative Mormon thought, he was stating Church doctrine. Homosexuality is a serious sin, and those who practice it and repent not, bring upon themselves the judgments of God.

Elder Packer is not some old, grizzled, extremist whose views are out-of-date; he is an APOSTLE of Jesus Christ. And when speaking as such (as in General Conference) his word is the mind and will of the Lord.

And another thing: the Church is not struggling with the issue of homosexuality, it's the LGBT community that is struggling with the Church because they want it to abandon the Lord's standards.

And stop suggesting that the love of God embraces sinful behavior (which homosexuality is). The Lord's love for us doesn't mean he will save us in our sins (He hates sin); or, that he will deny his word by ignoring his own commandments. If men want to take advantage of the atonement, they need to forsake their sins, take up their cross, and follow the Master. Not try to get Him to follow them.

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This is why I voted for Prop 8.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

That's a funny way to show tolerance...

African-Americans targeted for harassment. Swastikas scrawled on churches and religious books burned. Homes defaced and people hounded from their jobs because of their political beliefs.

Has the Ku Klux Klan returned? Are neo-Nazis or fundamentalist right-wing hate groups on the rise?

Guess again. This is the work of a sizable number of activists who have decided that any bullying, brown-shirt tactic is fair game in their battle to impose gay marriage on America.

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I voted YES on prop 8.